Who we are and what we do

Who we are:

Optical InterLinks (OIL) is a leading supplier of customer, application specific, optical interconnection solutions and products using our GuideLink™ polymer waveguide (PWG) technology's unique capabilities. Our founding team developed the technology starting in 1985 at DuPont and continued to expand its capabilities through 1997. Following a corporate downsizing in early 1998 the team left DuPont with a license to practice the technology, initially as Optical CrossLinks and subsequently as Optical InterLinks LLC in 2006 after a buyout. The team has 30 years of extensive experience in designing, creating, and constructing novel optical interconnection solutions primarily involving GuideLink™ PWG’s. Along the way the team has developed considerable understanding and expertise unique solutions complex optical interconnection problems. OIL has been able to bring unique solutions to our customers favorably impacting board level and functional device interconnections as well as optical and bio sensors. In order to integrate OIL’s PWG with commercially off the shelf (COTS) products, our team has developed various connectorization products which allow coupling to/from optical fiber or ribbons. Additional supporting technology developed by the OIL team allows it to construct novel optical fiber shuffle distribution systems and where needed custom fiber ribbons. OIL’s bundle of technological capabilities provides a full system optical connectivity solution to interface with and between today’s existing optical interconnection needs while providing a platform for tomorrows innovations.

What we do:

OIL is considered to have one of the leading PWG technologies enabling with a high level of maturity ready fo commercial applications. Our technology enables the broadest range of configurations and capabilities due to our unique self-development process and modifiable formulations. As a result OIL is recognized for having the most promising technology for manufacturing scale up. The photos on the mast head above depict the unique capability range from flex links, to board level links and interconnections, and extremely sharp low loss split junctions. Utilizing these attributes OIL develops unique multimode waveguide prototype optical interconnection products.