About Us

Optical InterLinks LLC was established in 2006 from an asset buy out of Optical CrossLinks Inc that originated in 1998. The current team licensed the rights to practice the polymer waveguide (PWG) technology they generated at DuPont starting in 1985. While at DuPont the team developed the process concepts and polymer material formulations with patented IP covering the self-development monomer diffusion based technology. Significant developments on processes, formulations, connectivity, product embodiments and waveguide performance have been made since having left DuPont. 

Presentations, invited papers, articles and text book chapters have been published or are available in the literature as listed in the reference section. These documents review all aspects of the process, capabilities, and prototype products to date. Recent developments are summarized in the product section with links provided for special articles, reports and recent power point presentations throughout this WEB site.  Selected significantly informative publications are noted under special articles or reports and as an introduction to the reference list.  

OIL is actively seeking new investment and/or buyout of our business to position ourselves for the future. It is clear that OIL needs to find a home for the technology, a home that can provide the resources required for equipment, personnel, marketing, on-going technology and applications development.