Velocity Measurement Custom Shuffle:

Custom shuffles with examples developed for velocity measurement. They include in the lower example photo a 48 fiber shuffle unit with 4 ribbons of 12 fibers each going to 12 ribbons with 4 fibers each. Each MT connector contains 3 ribbons each. The upper two in the photo are identical 96 fiber shuffles that were installed in one enclosure and laid out similarly to the 48 fiber shuffle.

Hybrid Ribbon Custom Shuffle:

OIL constructed a shuffle / delay line for a specific customer. Custom hybrid ribbons with both single and multimode fibers within one ribbon and 8 fibers per ribbon were constructed. A series of specific lengths ranging from several hundred meters to 4 meters in length were made and wound as shown into tight permanent coils for stacking in enclosures for this time pulse division application. The specified lengths were all within +/- 1 cm for the generation of precise set of spaced pulses for each input for signal analysis.

12 x 12 Perfect Shuffle Backplane:

Optical InterLinks constructed 6 backplane units with 12 x12 perfect shuffles per each unit fully MT connectorized at the backplane board edge as shown. The 6 backplane units are all stacked in the enclosure shown in the photo as assembled by Reflex Photonics. These units provided 864 point-to-point channels over the 12 line-cards.